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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Covered Call on J. M. Smucker, Public Service Employee Pay in China, Indonesia's Foreign Relations Dilemma

I recently wrote about my investment thesis for J. M. Smucker (NYSE: SJM) on Seeking Alpha. I have also written in the comments section about how selling a covered call on $SJM at current prices can boost overall investment returns.  

J. M. Smucker's Has Timeless Brands, but the stock has run up a lot. 
(Source: J. M. Smucker)

Nikkei Asia has published a fascinating article on how China cut public employees' paychecks. Many Chinese citizens are probably amazed and shocked to learn that some public employees make 200,000 yuan a year. Their paychecks are getting cut by about 25%. Cities in China were collecting revenue from land sales, but there are not many land sales with the indebted real estate market anymore. 

Indonesia is grappling with more meddling from China in the South China Sea. China is trying to assert itself in Asia.  

Note: Please pay for good journalism. When you support good journalism, you are keeping your freedom. Also, each day you will go to bed brighter. I read a lot of articles on Seeking Alpha every day. I subscribe to The Economist, The Financial Times, Barron's, Nikkei Asia, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and The Wall Street Journal. I have a subscription to Seeking Alpha because I am a contributor on that site. 

Fun Fact: Nikkei - a Japanese company - owns The Financial Times.      

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